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Patrice dumas (pertusus) home page

CIRAD researcher in the CIRED laboratory on adaptation to climate change in the context of uncertainty. Main themes are currently the agricultural and water sectors. Also working on the assessment of the economic consequences of climatic extreme events.

I collaborate with the CERES-ERTI (Environmental Research and Teaching Institute) at the ENS on data assimilation and business cycles. Also associated with the LMD laboratory on coupling methodologies in the TEF-ZOOM collaboration

My professional homepage is in CIRED.

Phd thesis

My Phd dissertation "L'évaluation des dommages du changement climatique en situation d'incertitude : l'apport de la modélisation des coûts de l'adaptation" (Contribution of adaptation costs representation to climate change damage assessment) is available in french, an english summary is also available.

Free software

A page with instructions on how to install MiniKer. TEF-ZOOM home page

Links for free software project I contribute (or contributed) to or I am interested in:


An archive with a README and some scripts to setup ssh on a Dlink ShareCenter NAS using only the softwares available on the NAS and public key authentication

My geek code, prepared by the one I am r++ with ;-)

Version: 3.1
GS/SS/CM d-- s+:--- a C+++ UL++++ P++++ L++++ !E-- W++ !N !o K? w--- !O 
!M !V PS+++@ PE-@ Y+ PGP>+ t 5? X R++ tv- b+ DI D G e+++++ h- r++ y+++ z**