Mini_ker related softwares

This page is dedicated to the distribution of mini_ker and mini_ker related softwares, in a manner classically used by free software projects (with the help of the autotools). The main page for mini_ker is here (french).

Here are the preprocessors required by the other softwares:

LAPACK is needed by mini_ker. The cernlib may be needed and is recommended, although it is a big library containing much more than what is needed for mini_ker.

Two environements are available to build models with mini_ker. One uses make, and the other is built around cmz. The environment using make is minimal, but may be easily integrated into the standard UNIX text-based development environment. cmz provides more features than a bare make but don't integrate smoothly with the UNIX build environment. You have the choice!

mini_ker is known to work on fedora linux, centos, debian and ubuntu, Mac OS X, solaris and windows with cygwin.

Mini_ker with make

Install car2txt, mortran, lapack, optionally the cernlib and then mini_ker.

Mini_ker with cmz

cmz requires car2txt to build. mortran and the cernlib should also be installed for mini_ker. You then need to install cmz and the zoom_utils package.

Lastly, the mini_ker car file, the selseq.kumac file and other items are available at, they are also required.

A self-contained Mini_ker distribution

A self-contained Mini_ker distribution for Mini_ker with make, containing car2txt and mp2a that can be used to quickly build, install and use Mini_ker is also available: self_mini_ker.tar.gz. This may be very convenient, but using proper packaging and install procedures is in general cleaner.

Mini_ker documentation

The full mini_ker manual is available online, the installation instructions are here. The pdf version of the manual is also available.

An example of use in the E2C2 summer school

In the Extreme Events: Nonlinear Dynamics and Time Series Analysis E2C2-GIACS Advanced School in 2007, Comorova, Romania, I used Mini_ker in a computer lab for the illustration of non-linear systems and bifurcations. The archive of the codes and slides is here bifurcations.tar.bz2 with slides within the archive in slides/bifurcations-lab.pdf.